How does it work?

For determination of the sex of an unborn child, the fathers' semen generally is decisive. If a spermatozoa with an X-chromosome meets the mothers' egg cell (X), a girl results (XX).  But if a spermatozoa with an Y-chromosome meets the egg cell (X) first, a boy results (XY). Interestingly, there are significant size differences between X- and Y-chromosome bearing spermatozoa. We're taking advantage of that. We have patented solutions that enable separation of spermatozoa by means of a semipermeable filter membrane. Specific techniques of separation are already applied for years, inter alia during in vitro fertilization. Similar to blood filtration in dialysis, BluPink developed sperm filtration by using specific filter membranes to market maturity. 



Natural birth balance is about 100 girls to 105 boys. By now, selection of sperms by sex-determining chromosomes has only been possible in laboratory at great expense. Due to the BluPink products the rate of X- or Y-chromosome bearing spermatozoa can be doubled compared to the normal ejaculate.