Ethical conduct


We consider both sexes as equal.


Our products for Boys and girls are equal and will be distributed and developed with similar Attention.


We act according to ethical principles and live up to our social respolsibility. Our ethical understanding is in accordance with our entrepreneurial acting.

Medical progress allows to determine the birth sex already during pregnancy. Especially in developing countries such as China or India but also in in the Balkan Region, the wish for male offspring is strong.  


This leads to selective abortion of girls in those countries or even to murder of female newborn:

  • According to UN figures, 50.000 sex-specific abortions take place - in India alone!
  • Mortality rate of under five-year-olds in India is 75% higher for girls than for boys -  they are neglected, abandoned or killed.

The BluPink-products can avoid millions of those destinies - and are therefore a valuable contribution to a world more humane.

Moreover: In a society with a surplus of men, the arguments against giving birth to a girl are refuted due to the lack of women. Women receive a higher social esteem. For parents, it's increasingly desireable to give birth to a girl. An inherited tradition changes.


In Indien and China, the preference for a son and heir is dominating. In industrialized countries, the wish to influence the birth sex of a child is characterized by the idea of "family balancing", a balanced relation between daughters and sons in the family. Different to developing countries, the wish for female descendants is increasing in those countries. 


BluPink supports freedom of choice and self-determination and therefore supports the creation of a balanced, harmonious Family structure.

 We are in constant dialogue with our costumors.

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