About BluPink


BluPink allows future parents for the first time to influence their descendant's birth sex in a simple and cost-effective way in their own privacy.


The wish to influence the own children's birth sex is probably as old as human history itself. For a long time in history and in several countries and cultures, especially male decendants were preferred. In a modern, industrialized world this might be of subordinate importance or has even been reversed in favor of female descendants. Yet, in many parts of the world, sons are still preferred to daughters. Female descendants are often aborted, banished or even killed. Many of those destinies can by avoided thanks to our Innovation! A large part of mankind desires a solution to significantly increase the chance of procreating a child with the preferred sex. We can help here: ingeniously simple, inexpensive and by means of a patented product.

  • Several years of research and development
  • GmbH-foundation 2015
  • Base Stuttgart
  • Strong entrepreneurial founding team
  • Unique, patented product for influencing the birth sex of a child
  • Close collaboration with reproductive biologists, fertility centers, specialised laboratories and research institutes